I just wanted to know if any of you are Anarchists or Communists. If you are I would like to add you to my friends and ask you to join my Anarchist group. If you aren't either then talk to me anyway so I can make you one. ;)

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Oh gawds, not this argument again.
No, greed is not a good thing. Greed is a vice. It is the others values a person has that make his overall actions good

I've written about this in length already.

Capitalism actually facilitates the rapid movement of people up (and down) the economic ladder.

Only when there are unlimited resources. The earth resources are limited and furthermore without goverment control you get monopolies or other unwelcome results.
It's odd that you would make that particular statement, because the scarcity of resources is actually why the free market (capitalism) is the only thing that works (not to mention being the only just way of doing things) and why government control (socialism, communism, etc) cannot possibly work. Government control is only feasible in an imaginary world of unlimited resources. Maybe you can provide your logical premises and elaborate using deduction so that I can better understand how you reached your conclusion.
After reading your blog post on greed, I must say that I'm thoroughly confused. It used very little logic, revealed an utter incomprehension of scarcity, pricing, supply, demand, and economics in general, threw up (and then of course shot down) straw man arguments, and, most importantly, completely failed to prove anything at all about greed. You appeared to just be making a lot of unconnected assertions mixed with strange definitions (like what it means to "deserve" something). When you impugn a basic trait of human nature, I would expect to see the use of a logical deductive argument starting from some kind of universally accepted premises. But maybe that's just me.
Not everyone has to be an economist to have an opinion--greed is a destructive force because it raises personal "property" and luxury over that of others. IE, greed will always motivate people to take advantage of their fellow human beings.
You write a lot of thing but end up saying nothing. If you have any actual criticism perhaps you can be more explicit?
Indeed, Darren, can you actually show any proof why you consider capitalism is good, instead of referring to peacock termsterms .

Can you actually prove how capitalism can make things good instead of just saying over and it is good? How can you accomplish the things you say you can do?
It harder to establish power, but the Spanish Revolution of 1936 is an example of how anarchist can bring communism. Central planning is replaced by federations. You don't need one person to decided, and one person will corrupt the system.
Actually, anarchism could create communism on it's own, and the two are closer together than you'd think.

If there were an anarchist society, they would of course create groups among themselves to take care of certain tasks, and they'd decide things together: they might create a militia, they might create groups to deliver messages and they would likely vote and decide together on how much of what to produce, how to produce it, and how to distribute it--thus creating "communism".
And thus destroying freedom and anarchism. Voting implies some sort of coercive government structure in which the majority oppresses the minority.
No, you're confusing voting with "tyrrany of the majority". You can very well have people following the voting outcome on their own free will.
I am an anarcho commie. I always have been an atheist. But I only decided that capitalism wasn't just unpleasant, but something that had to be destroyed after watching capitalism is a catalyst for fascism. Then I started to read more about history that nobody bothers teaching in school and found out how horrifying the government is and how it doesn't seem to have much use except to crush rebellions against property owners.
Since capitalism is simply how free people naturally interact in the absence of coercion, how (and why) would you destroy it?




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