I just wanted to know if any of you are Anarchists or Communists. If you are I would like to add you to my friends and ask you to join my Anarchist group. If you aren't either then talk to me anyway so I can make you one. ;)

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If I remember correctly, Nietzsche portrayed most religions, excluding Greek and Germanic polytheism, as sources of anarchy. This gives us an image that Nietzsche was very authoritarian himself, doesn't it?
Friedrich Nietzsche was also clearly insane.
I for one can't portray religion as anarchist because it in of itself is antithetical. So Nietzche is wrong on this count.
I sometimes feel like a cheesecake.
Anyway no I am a sindico-utilitairian we look down on Marx as a bit of a clown ;-)
How so?
You anti-ismist!




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