I just wanted to know if any of you are Anarchists or Communists. If you are I would like to add you to my friends and ask you to join my Anarchist group. If you aren't either then talk to me anyway so I can make you one. ;)

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I'll go for socialism any day, ideally a social democracy, but anarchy just won't stand. Without some form of organized government, I'm afraid we'd find ourselves in a vicious and never-ending revolutionary struggle to find one.
Even ants, creatures with an apparently higher socially shared consciousness, are prone to forming smaller colonies rather than one world-wide organization... The unfortunate result of this is nothing less than continuous ant-on-ant waring - it's like tribalism, isn't it?

Anarchy, anyone? ... No thanks.
I'm certainly a socialist, but Anarchism (in general) is a bit too idealistic. A society that has no mechanism of cohesion will eventually be crushed by a stronger model. I think Anarchy has a lot of great ideas, but I don't believe that we are evolved enough to live in a stateless society.
Political and/or economic socialist?

Societies do have mechanisms of cohesion (and cooperation, which may be more important); force is not strictly necessary. We've evolved as social animals...
I'm not sure we ever will.

As evolution drives variety, we get the gamut of intelligence and sanity.

The only two things protecting us from all out chaos driven by this gamut are natural selection and the government.

The former is too slow, so I don't think getting rid of the latter is a good idea.
Government doesn't protect you, as I've explained in my previous post about police & deterrence of crime. Plus, there's a such thing as private police forces. I suppose one could call that another form of government, but that's semantics.
I have strong capital-anarchism leanings... but I don't fully subscribe to anarchism.
Ideally, I am most definitely an anarchist... it's what I wish could be achieved in a positive way. Outside of that, maybe realistically in today's world, I'm just a liberal democratic socialist.
I'm an Anarchist..a nice one :D
And when it comes to communism, I definately love the theory, but in practice it hasn't shown the result I always hoped for..:(
I think Marx had some good ideas, and if it weren't for the bad name given communism by the foolish bureaucrats of the USSR and China it would still be a respectable political view. However in most people's minds communism=oppression and lack of basic freedoms, a position I don't think you will succeed in changing. I prefer to believe in the eventual acheivement of a post-scarcity society through capitalism and socialism, which would effectively be the same as communism.

On the other hand, I'm interested in what would have happened to the USSR if Trotsky and Permanent Revolution had acheived power. We could still be living in an all european, more prosperous USSR today. Probably involved in a cold war with a fascist theocracy masquerading as the USA.

I agree with Yvette, anarchism will inevitably lead to a power vaccuum and disorder. My anarchist friend is a vegan who likes to organise violent protests, breaking up of BNP meetings, and breaking into things to put stickers on them. I can't help but feel he's contradicting himself somewhat. A working anarchist society requires lack of scarcity, and for everyone involved to be mentally stable and idealistic.
Even ants and bees are prone to in-fighting. Think about it...
My biggest issue with idealogies is that they are... well assumptions of perfect societies. As for communism in question, in reality it never works. Someone always misuse the system anyway because humans cannot accept that we are all equal and must share everything.




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