Yesterday, i stumbled on a bigfoot controversy on youtube. I think if you search for "Georgia Bigfoot", you should find it. These guys claimed to have captured bigfoot, had pictures, were on fox news, cnn, and had a press conference at a later date (last friday). I don't even know the conclusion of this thing, but i'm sure the pic is some sort of costume with guts dumped on top. They said they had to move the body to protect it, and were supposed to provide dna evidence. Should there be consequences for doing this stuff. I mean, there is a chance that these dopes could make money off this nonsense.

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They should be forced to wear Bigfoot costumes every time they go out in public. The "journalists" giving this prime time coverage should be tarred and feathered.

well, you guessed it, it's a hoax. Apparently they did turn over the frozen body to a bigfoot hunter for an unknown amount of money. Here's the story >

One guy is a police officer, and i think he should lose his job. They were supposed to show up and sign some form admitting what they had done, but failed to show up.
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