I'm a biologist around the philadelphia area! I love to discuss just about anything!

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Hi Andrew! I took the liberty of editing your subject line, as it wasn't making a link to be clicked on in Introductions.

A belated welcome to Atheist Nexus.
Hi Andrew! Nice to make your acquaintance. I'm not a scientist, but I love reading science. I recently read Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould. Lucky that his enthusiam and clear explanations of paleontology for the layman made the book not only accessible (for the most part) but a highly gratifying read. I've just started reading The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan. Have you read either? Not too far into it yet, but I loved watching Cosmos, my first favourite documentary series.

I live in Tasmania (Hobart) and the biological environment is incredible, even near the city. The plant life is especially amazing, and the birds are pretty cool too. Have you been to Australia? I'm a expat USAer and enjoy discussing many things as well, but not being a scientist or specialist in anything particular, I prefer to listen more than talk when out of my depth - still, I'm an enthusiastic learner and listener.

Welcome to A|N!
Belated Welcome, yes; you've been posting here as far back as '08! Liked your first quotes, but curious you chose Donald Miller, a contemporary xtian writer, since the next line of that one is "...I used to not like God because God didn't resolve. But that was before any of this happened." ...still, his observation is fair enough on the first bit. Cheers.
I havnt read either. But I've read other books by Carl Sagan. I think he's amazing! He's a very good writer.

I would love to visit Australia some day. Nice to meet you and I am glad there are non scientists into science haha.
Hi!I'm new too!
Hi Andrew!

As a biologist I have all kinds of questions for you if your interested in talking shop.




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