Does anyone know of a creation science discussion forum that is open to Atheist ? I would love to ask some questions of believers but find that the forums I have seen are closed to unbelievers.

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I have found a few interesting discussions at As long as you avoid being a total jerk, they allow just about anyone to participate in a good passionate discussion.
I think you may be able to find what you are looking for on paltalk.

Paltalk is a chat service that has several realtime atheist vs. christian debate forums going on. And since it is live you are able to debate in real time and do not have to wait hours or days for a reply. Some are run by atheists and others are run by christians. The rooms have Admins who try to keep the conversation under control and have the power to boot people or temporarily silence them.
If you want, you can create your own chat room at no cost and make it specifically for creation Science discussion. Having your own room means you control what goes on in there. If someone starts preaching excessively, you can take away their mic or their ability to type in the room until they agree to abide by whatever rules you have setup. Or if they refuse to listen you can even ban them from returning to the room. You give the room a rating of "G" "R" or "A" depending on what type of conversation is allowed. There is a category for religion and under that subcategories for almost every religion you can think of and there is also a subcategory for Atheism. If you want to attract the ID Believers I would suggest setting up a Creation Science room in the christian subcategory as the christians are leery of entering the Atheist Rooms.
thanks I will have a look :-)



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