Any other Aussie atheists here? I realise the Yankee Doodles have far more pressing problems than we have with the fundamentalists, but we have to work to ensure our government isn't similarly tarnished by religious fundamentalism.

We've already had both Howard and Rudd kow-towing to Hillsong Church during the election - and although the fundamentalist Family First party seems hopeless, they have managed to find some traction.

Prime Minister Rudd did us proud by apologizing for the Stolen Generation but has stopped the ACT from legalizing gay marriage. Tasmania is next to test the Federal Government's stance on civil unions.

Meanwhile, the Labor Government continues to finance the Exclusive Brethren cult.

Euthanasia is another issue which might be discussed by Aussie atheists after the religious factions in the former Liberal government rescinded the Northern Territory's ruling to legalise it.

There is still lobbying to be done in this country to make sure that we don't end up in the same position as the Americans.

Anyone interested in discussing Australian issues and working together to lobby the government and local representatives with emails on important issues?


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Sorry, American Atheist here. But I wish some Aussie Atheists would reply here and discuss things. I love my Aussie friends and am interested in learning more about what's going on over that-a-way (down, under, that-a-way?).
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've started an Aussie/Kiwi/South Pacific Group on Atheist Nexus here:

This will provide us with a forum on which to network, make friends, discuss relevant topics and set up lobby groups if that's the direction in which this group takes us.

It's not MY group, it's YOUR group, so all aboard!

Hi Kristy. I'm an Australian and I think the power that religion has in Australia far exceeds its worth. I'm interested in lobbying. I'm sick of religion pretending they are the moral majority. I have no idea of what one would do about it.
Hi Luke & Matt! Thanks for replying! Please feel free to bring forward any issues you think are important - and invite your friends!

Hi Latin - thanks for dropping in. Tel your Aussie friends we're here.

Matt - Hillsong is a very large Pentecostal church in Sydney with a 'superstar' pastor who rides a Harley and preaches the prosperity gospel. "God wants you to be rich! The more you give to the church, the richer he'll make you!"
There's a really good book by an ex Hillsong member, called Tanya Levin about the inside machinations of the church. It's called "People in Glass Houses". I should re-read it sometime and blog about it.
I can recommend the book. Tanya is a treasure trove of information some of which she could not put in the book.
Oh! Do tell! :-) If you know her, tell her I LOVED the book!
Thanks Kristy. :)
Oh bugger! I forgot about you guys over the pond! (Could it be you're the 'black sheep' of the Antipodean family?) Honestly, sorry about that - I posted this late last night and that's my only excuse. Nice to meet you Alex - even if you ARE a Kiwi! ;-)
Hi Kirsty,

I am an outspoken Australian Atheist. I just signed up today. I recently, as of last weekend spent 2 days running around Sydney with my Atheist jumper on attempting to get myself arrested for annoying catholics.

I firmly believe we have to keep our eye on the ball in Australia as the general populace is rather apathetic in regard to most things.

I would go as far as to say that I hate Hillsong, but not nearly as much as their little offshoot for treating mental Health disorders with exorcism - Mercy Ministries.
Sorry Kristy not Kirsty
Kristy, Kirsty - just call me Kris, it's easier. Nice to meet you Sean!

Hmmm running around Sydney trying to bait Catholics! That sounds like the kind of thing my cousin, Doug, would do. I must get him to join up here!

I saw the gift shop attached to the Catholic World Youth Day gathering in Sydney. Honestly, it was sickening and so hypocritical I could have thrown up. And there was Archbishop Battersby grinning away saying, "Ah well, yes, we hope we make some good profits from the gift shop!" WTF???????




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