I've always wanted to bring in the idea of Original Sin in my discussions with Christians. We all know that it was the temptation of Eve, of partaking of the Fruit of Knowledge, that was considered the first sin.

Now, I understand that it is impossible to differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, without first knowing the difference.

Comments? Did Eve know what she was doing?

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Christians claim to have moral absolutes. However, when asked what would they do in certain situations, they gave similar answers as atheists.
I've never really understood why anyone ever excepted this idea :/ Born "bad"?
Well, I guess I understand the urge to be "unique/different/bad-ass". But the whole "bad" aspect of Christianity is what disturbs me. That you are somehow worthless filth, not even worthy of God's consideration, but out of his "mercy", he's like, "Sure, I guess you can hang out with me. Just accept me as your master, admit that you're a vile, disgusting creature, and worship me for all eternity. Then I suppose I won't torture you."

Wait, what?

This is the thing I despise most about the Christian doctrine, the complete and utter destruction of others' self-esteem. There's a fancy word for it, but I forget what; when the people who offer a "solution", are actually the ones causing the malady?
That's how Christians sell their religion anyway. They invite a new friend to a church service, and during an altar call they start going on about how Man was born bad and needs to be cleansed by the blood of a certain Saviour.

It makes me wonder how people actually are driven by guilt and fear to believe.
I've heard an interesting explanation for the necessity for Original Sin as the reason for infant baptism in the early Catholic Church. Or maybe vice versa...anyway, I'm sure they knew the pragmatic reasons for doing so, and just cooked up a new tradition to excuse it, never mind if it actually made any sense. What's sin is being washed away by baptizing an baby? He/she hasn't done anything yet except being born. Ahhh, it must have inherited it - now who can we peg this blame on?
We're a fallible species, period! How can we be anything else? Enjoy life while you still have it.




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