... well sort of.

There was a very high profile debate held in the Sydney Town Hall this week on the subject, "Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion?"

Apparently, the event was sold out, and the Sydney Morning Herald conducted it's own readers' poll on the question.

Here is the result:

IQ2 Debate : Would the world be better off without religion?

Yes - 81%
No - 19%
Total Votes: 9311 Poll date: 19/08/08

It makes an old Aussie atheist's heart proud to see that 81% of Herald readers (one of Australia's most prestigious papers) think we'd be better off ditching religion. Sometimes I just love this country!

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Wanna test this theory - I'll meet you at Sunshine Plaza at 10am tomorrow - clothes optional. ;-)
i'm glad i live in australia one of the best countrys in the world.
what's your favorite australian band? Like crowded house? Maybe this should be another thread. Crowded House is from New Zealand, i think.
Hello Kristy;


I would like to see this put to a vote in the US Territory of American Samoa!

This is an election year, and those who vowed to seperate Church, Culture, and State before their running for Governor are now very reluctant to broach the subject!

Yours is an agressive undertaking.

I certainly like your odds!




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