Before anything a little story from the vault.

How did Google become more popular than Yahoo, even though it was much younger? For many years, since the birth, Yahoo maintained the same homepage layout disregarding user feedback. When Google hit the market it offered simplicity. A simple homepage that even now exists gave Google a push towards the skies. While on the other hand, Yahoo continued to experience decrease in visitors and users. However, several years ago Yahoo listened to their users - for the first time. This is why they got a brand new look that you see now, it was all user feedback. They realized their problem: their homepage was not very well organized, confusing at times, hard to navigate and it looked cluttered.

Once they began listening to their users and visitors, they changed everything. The result? They did increase visitors and users; however, the damage was permanent. Google is unstoppable at this point.

The moral of the story? Keep homepage simple, organized, and user-friendly. The best way to do it is to listen to the users.

The preseason I'm writing about this is because from the first few days of AN when I joined until today, the homepage became like a desk - stuff kept piling up, moving around, cluttering the space.

It looks very cluttered, too much stuff in one place. It is not very pleasant for first time visitors. It needs to be simplified and some stuff needs to go.


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I agree that the main page could be trimmed a bit, but come on, using Google as an example? It's a search engine for crying out loud, filling up the main page is more of a challenge than anything else. This is a social website, it's bound to have lots of stuff laying around. What's important, I think, is being able to find what you want when you need it. You should focus on that while you pile up more features.
Why "a community of nontheists?" Aren't we all atheists?
Here's a 22 page, 256 post thread on the subject. Enjoy.
vjack, I (like you) consider myself an atheist, and far to often find myself defending the use of the the word. As you know, the definition of atheist is simply "without god(s)." Speaking as an individual, I personally will continue to defend the use of the word, and educate others as to the meaning.

Since A|N's ultimate goal is simply to be and to promote atheist community, we need expand our tent. Basically, by saying we are " A Community of Nontheists" is simply a short way of defining the word atheist. Our old slogan use to be "A Community of Atheists, Agnostics, Brights, Humanists, Skeptics..." However, there were still people who felt left out. What about the Naturalists? What about the Rationals? To simply things "non-theist" encompasses all of us.

Also, it should be noted that, wrong or right, many international groups have expressed to me their discomfort with the word atheist and refer to themselves as nontheist. As silly as that may be, we want them to be a part of our community.

Perhaps including the word "nontheist," along with atheist, we can raise the awareness of definitions for the general population. Many believe atheism is a set of beliefs equivalent to Christian or Muslim. The proper comparison should be people who are "theists" and "not theists." Call it nontheist or atheist. Either way, we are Atheist Nexus.
V1ktor, thanks for this. It is my goal as well to clean up the front page.




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