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I think that's Judas nibbling his neck.
"Another sophomore, Amber Cales, said the poster was in a public place, and it was easily seen by anyone who passed. She said that took away her right as a parent to shield her children from controversial ideas."

Are there really parents who think they have the right to "shield" their children from controversy? Zappa must be spinning in his grave.
What makes them even think they CAN shield their kids from controversy?
It is unlikely that Jesus existed (Google 'historicity Jesus') so applying an 1869 terminology to a figure with dubious credentials seems like a bizarre form of special pleading.

As a gay man, this notion is feels like a misguided appeal to authority, AND at the same time an attempt to discredit Jesus by 'tainting' him with the calumny of 'gayness'.

Jim Winkler: I love notion of preserving the innocence people being protecting them form the virus of god-belief.

Any thoughts?
Wow, this may sound strange but I have never found Jesus more attractive.




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