Any atheist programmers in the house?
What's water cooler?

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By the way, here's my wish list :

If there are also any rich atheists here, feel free to donate to this young man with a goal. :D doesn't look like i'm going to be lucky here seeing how Nexus Phase 1 is barely progress as the days go by. Oh well, can't hurt to try.
Hey Adrian, Heathen Geeks may be of some interest to you.

The Water Cooler is the place for this very type of discussion; ones that are casual everyday whatever discussions, like those talked about around the water cooler at work.
=> .
Well, I can write html, some JS and CSS if that accounts.
Haha, that's pretty much my limitations too. I wouldn't say that gives us "programmer" status.
No, but they are at least scripting languages :P
Calling CSS a 'scripting language' is a bit of a leap of faith...
Yes, but JS is, I just couldn't arse to modify my post so it somehow only indicated JS but whatever.
But it does support conditionals:

.myclass[foo="bar"] { color: black; }
.myclass { color: white; }

though I guess since it can't do assignments, it isn't Turing-complete.
Yes, here. Well - currently half-time programmer, half-time parent.


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