What traits do you most respect in people, and why?

I'm going on a big self-improvement kick, ala Benjamin Franklin's "Life of Virtue" experiment.

What traits do you all think leads to a person of high quality/someone you'd respect/a better person?

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People who make themselves as egalitarian as possible.
I respect people who are thoughtful, honest, imaginative, independent, courageous, kind, responsible,
I don't know if you have seen this site or not, but if you haven't it may aid you on your path of becoming a better person (not that I don't think you're wonderful already, but everyone needs a little self improvement every now and again)

Ethical Atheist's Ten Commandments
1. Thou SHALT NOT believe all thou art told.

Similar to Commandment 5 in the Discordian Pentabarf -

V - A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.
A sense of humour. Without one, you're less than human. And zero respect for sacred cows.
Oh I agree...if you can't laugh at yourself..
Anyway,this was my biggie as a child.

1. Thou SHALT NOT believe all thou art told.

I was always asking:"Why?"
usualy the amswer was something stupid like:"Cause i said so" which is no answer at all.
For me,it's most important to be intelligent,compassionate,humorous,ethical and skeptical.

Most people I've encountered that are without a sense of humor have been dull, uninteresting clods..

If they didn't have a shitty personality they wouldn't have a personality.

I respect knowledge and intellect the most. If I talk to someone and they prove to be highly intellectual people who know of what they are talking about, then they earn my respect far faster than any other hyman trait you can have. Might sound strange, but that's how it is (considering what others have written so far).
He would choose a trait that he thought would lead to a more virtuous life and work on it for two weeks... after that, he would continue on that trait, but shift most of his focus to a new trait for two weeks, etc.

At the end of the experiment, he realized that he was not perfect, but like practicing penmanship... he felt like he was the better for it.
Chastity, one can never underestimate the virtue of one who keeps himself as far away as possible from carnal sin. Franklin said so himself, "Rarely use venery but for health or offspring" and we all know Ben Franklin was a wise man, you know, flying kites during thunderstorms and all...are you doing your best to keep yourself chaste Brian?
People who do good deeds just for the sake of doing them, without expecting something in return. People like that have my admiration.
This is the first Grouch commandment: do the decent thing whenever you can - but never, ever, get caught.




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