What traits do you most respect in people, and why?

I'm going on a big self-improvement kick, ala Benjamin Franklin's "Life of Virtue" experiment.

What traits do you all think leads to a person of high quality/someone you'd respect/a better person?

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honest, respectful, intelligent, consistent, non conformist, imaginative
Animal lovers score big points with me. For some reason, i tend to stay away from people who are high maintenance with appearance. I think a good characteristic is not judging people. Everyone has has a different story, and i try not to judge. Good drivers score high with me too.
Ramen! It's like you took those words exactly out of my mouth.
Thick skin
Not religious
Has a sense of humor
Strength of Conviction
Strong Will

These are the qualities I strive for, and admire in others.
I believe that honor, honesty, and loyalty are very important. They help society function better and can inspire others. These qualities make for a strong, admirable, respectable person. Humility and generosity in abundance are qualities I think should be avoided like the plague. Humility makes a person weak and subservient, and too much generosity creates dependence and contributes to the weakness of others.

I agree.

What do you say about individuals ?




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