Does anyone have editorial control over these google ads? I've been seeing a lot of advertisements that are way off the mark and while they're entertaining I don't think they're quite right. I assume A|N only gets paid for clicks, not just for displaying them, anyone know for sure?

I almost feel like putting this in the comedy section, but these are the ads I've seen today:

The Atheist's Riddle
So Simple, Any Child Can Understand So Complex, No Atheist Can Solve

Are You A Real Atheist ?
Or Are You Just Pretending ? Test If You Have The God Gene

Do You Believe in God?
Jesus Christ Loves You. Here is a Prayer That Can Change Your Life

Science Sux
You've seen the gaps now buy the Tee-Shirt

It does occur to me now, though, that perhaps we should all take a few moments to click through them and get these guys to pay our bills.

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Whoever has control can add URLs to a banned list using the "competitor filter" but you have to add them as you see them.
If I'm correct, Google only charges the ad owner for actual click-thrus.. so technically, it cost the Christians some $$ every time someone clicks on one of their stupid ads.
Fake clicks wouldn't really be fair to the advertisers ―however stupid they may be. They're paying to get targeted traffic, that's the whole point behind Google's program: show ads relevant to the user's interests. Something is clearly wrong here, and it's not benefiting anyone. There must be a way to get rid of those adverts, but it may need to be done manually, meaning one by one...
I'm just pretending to be an atheist, I like being subversive and alternative.
There is a filter with Mozilla Firefox, which should remove most of the Google ads. I clicked the ad "The Atheist's Riddle
So Simple, Any Child Can Understand So Complex, No Atheist Can Solve", looks like it asks for your email. I believe it sends keyloggers or even viruses to you if you reply, I would strongly suggest not to do so even if you are sitting at a very safe comp. However, I would do like to know what exactly those newsletters are about, but I don't want my comp to be swarmed with things I cannot handle because I don't have a proper virus program installed ;)
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