We've had an interesting discussion in our household this morning.

We have a fundamentalist Christian relative staying with us for the weekend. Now, let me preface this by saying he is terminally ill and I am not in a position to cause a fuss over anything he says or does, so I have spent the last couple of days painfully biting my tongue. ;-)

But, it has got us to thinking about double standards.

Yesterday, he sat down in the lounge room and rather ostentatiously drew out a Christian book and proceeded to tell us what a great read it was.

Last night he decided he wanted to go to church today, so he asked me to find out what time the service was.

This morning, I got up early, drove him to church and arranged to pick him up again when it is finished.

Back home, Mum and I got to discussing what would have been the reaction if the tables had been turned.

I turn up at my relative's Christian house and ostentatiously draw out my copy of Hitchens' "God is Not Great" and begin expounding on how wonderful it is.

Then I say, "Oh, by the way, there's an atheist meeting happening somewhere nearby tomorrow. Can you find out when and where it is for me and drop me off and pick me up?"

Of course, I would never do that - but it seems perfectly acceptable for Christians to do this in atheist households.

I must admit I did crack a little this morning when we were met at the door by a church full of smiling Christians who, when told I would not be attending, reached out their hands and started repeating, "Join us, join us, join us!" Honestly, it was creepier than the Annual Brisbane Zombie Walk! My reply, "Not in a million years!" was probably a little less than tactful, but hey, I'm human! ;-)

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Reminds me of a vampire film.

Join us...
Join us...
And you'll be young forever...
Join us forever...
Yeah, i think if an atheist would try that in a christian home, it would be nasty. If the guy wasn't ill, i'd proabably ask him politely "how would you feel if i came over to your house with a book by christopher hitchens, etc.?" An atheist probably wouldn't pull this stunt, because we understand manners, and there is a time and place for everything. We can see both sides. With christians, they genuinely believe they are trying to help us by exposing us to their views. I think it's very funny alot of times, because many atheists can run circles around xtians when it comes to knowing what's in the bible. I think alot of xtians are very surprised to find out the time and effort that went into the decision to be an atheist. They tend to think that something angered us, and we are mad at the world, and then decided to be an atheist. Alot of xtians still don't know what atheism is. They just get loud and say "Your an atheist!" We need to fight this tactic, and calmly say "yes, i am." This situation reminds me of my brother. I'm seeing him tomorrow, and just trying to get ready for him i guess. There's lots of work to be done educating these people. I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, I'm a college dropout; but i've always been logical. I failed catichism (spelling?). Yes, it bothers me to see smart people believing in ghosts.
i've heard this double standard from many christians when they ask why atheists go around talking about religion. they ask why atheists can't just be atheists and let people have their beliefs. of course they don't see the irony because all most atheists want is just an end to the way the beliefs of others are legislated into law and forced on them.
so the double standard is apparently that christians can go out and proselytize and aim to convert people but if an atheist comments on religion it's in poor taste. lol.
Well said, sir.
It's amazing to me how christians say atheists are always talking about religion, but generally we don't bring it up unless it's mentioned first.  I agree with what you said, very well said.
Well, I went and picked him up at church and had to go inside to get him. He was talking to the pastor when I arrived.
He introduced me and then said, "See? The roof didn't fall in!" and I said, to the pastor, "Well, there ya go, it must be atheist proof!" ;-)
Stop stealing my lines !!!!

or come with me to the next Brisbane Zombie walk

Join us Join us
I'd love to - you've never invited me before!
Here's some double standards.
I love John Safran!


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