I was just wondering what people thought of a Save our Souls area where we could invite Christians and other religions to come and discuss their beliefs with us.

There have to be believers out there who need to convert us heathens to attain eternal life I would imagine they would jump at the opportunity to explain why they believe to us ;-) ( evil grin )

Who knows we may even pick up some converts along the way !!!!

The rules would be simple no abuse and only logical rational argument not ( Because my imaginary friend said so ) I would love to have a rational science and philosophical based discussion with some religious groups.

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Believers are believers. It doesn't matter if they believe in a deity or some non deity belief. Allowing theists on this site, though, would cause an increase of irrational debate. At least, atheists can usually string rational thought together...their premises might be screwed up, but they aren't likely to be redundant in their rantings of fantasy and many more of them (nontheists) are much more likely to accept things that are obvious.
I joined this site to get away from the theists. There are many sites that, if I wanted, could interact with the drones of religion. We need a place where we can develop our communities without the interference of deity fantasy believers.



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