With religion wars, global warming, peak oil, and fundimental christians etc.

Should athiests start a archive/libary full of important books - science tenology history theorys etc.
to ensure the knowledge we have gained is not lost if another dark age occurs?
like an insurance policy for science and humanity

i like to know what people think about this idea and their idea's added to this is too.

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kinda scary. I can't remember details, maybe someone here can, but a while back i saw a documentary dvd on this (the dark ages). A huge, elaborate city was ruined/not maintained. At first, i told myself that this couldn't happen right now, but then i thought about the dumbing down of america in some circles, and the movie "idiocracy".
i love that movie its definally an interesting concept.
but yes i think another dark ages could possiable to come again if we are not careful and take out a kind of insurance policy against it
This is the single greatest argument for the adoption of open (as opposed to proprietary) standards for data retention. Yeah, fantastic, you can store all this data using super secret patented crap from Apple, Microsoft, Oracle etc. But it ain't much good if you don't have the software to read it, and the technical specifications are locked in a concrete bunker 4 miles underground in an undisclosed location and you can't get to them. Remember this next time you hear someone write off the open source community as a bunch of hippy socialist nutcases.
i was talking books hidden in homes, basements etc.
not by goverments but by athiest groups
so question is should athiest do such a thing
oh and by the way how long time the chat room is back up?
why would it have to be atheists who keep this knowledge? Everybody should enter such a project.

You might want to read Foundation, a great sci-fi book by Isaac Asimov.
well athiest dont have 2
but if another dark age happens the faiths will do what they did last time (some still try today) burn, lock up and rewrite any book that goes against their world view.
athiests dont have mystical faiths and would more likely too keep the books safe and as there where written.
most athiests love science and humanity so in keeping science and knowledge safe and unchanged from faith based reasons they will help protect humanitys future
at least thats my current opinion
It's a good idea but what good are they too if no one can read? The best way is to educate everyone and make sure that knowledge is passed onto the next generation.
akin to faranheit451
akin to faranhiet451?
sorry i dont understand what you mean Sarutobi
never mind i found the book sounds good i think i buy it and get it a good reading lol
You know, this has me thinking. The invention of the Gutenberg press must have been really bad for christianity, because it is harder to get rid of information. Then add the Internet.




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