Can we get a chatroom? I can help if needed.

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We should have another one soon.
Awesome. Can you tell me if it'll use the IRC protocol or not?
I'm camping in one right now. Alone! So come in and keep me company would ya? :) #atheistnexus
Web client -

just add the above to the appropriate boxes.
Works nicely. Hoozah!
Try this link. It seems to the current choice. Preferably, use your A|N username as your nick.
Apparently WidgetLabs is also providing WhoIM outside of Ning
Any chance of making this the official chatroom for AN?
I just checked it out and it's already more active than this sites chatroom.
I always felt that we needed an IRC chat. People tend to hang out longer in IRC's.
AJAX has a nice chat we use on a Linux forum I'm on.
Whatever chat we get it needs to be OS and browser neutral.
[link 1] [link 2]

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