If 1=0 God exists otherwise God can't exist. For all X, Y takes a
different value, such that XY=1. If we draw a graph for all values of X
and Y we get Rectangular Hyperbola and we can clearly observe that both
X and Y can never be ZERO, therefore GOD(S) can't exist.

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Sagar Gorijala: {If 1=0 God exists otherwise God can't exist.}

Why? You might as well say: "If a dog is a butterfly, "God" exists, other wise not." It makes no sense - in either case, (ie. neither 1=0 nor dog=butterfly imply anything, except nut-casery).
If 1 can come out of 0 it means creation ( by GOD ) and if 1 can become 0 then it means destruction ( by GOD ). XY=1 supplies as means to understand that 1 is not equal to 0 and it means absence of GOD. The only GOD is life. We are GODS. Our parents are GODS.
If dog can come out of butterfly it means creation ( by something ) and if butterfly can become dog then it means destruction ( by something ). {animal breeding with animal = alien} supplies as means to understand that dog is not equal to butterfly and it means absence of flying spaghetti monster*. Life is no god. We are humans. So too are our parents.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gospel_of_the_Flying_Spaghetti_Mon...
I think he's been hanging around with Shamus.
Let me take you seriously this time. I think that your English is a problem. Let me parody what I think that you are saying . . .
If something which exists can cease to exist, (in any physical form), that would be supernatural, or contrary to science. One supernatural entity has been labelled "God".

If a nothing or non-existent thing can become something then that too would be supernatural, and one supernatural entity has been labelled "God".

It is life that determines who shall be or not be, and there is no supernatural being. Since to the best extent we know about, we humans can take part in determining our own destinies, it is we humans, (who we can easily see, hear, feel, love etc.), are the most god-like things in the universe. We can also affect the destinies of other living and non-living things. Since our parents gave rise to us as individuals, they are from that group of most god-like of beings, humans, but also, in our lives, our parents are extra-special, perhaps because of the fact that their physical interaction and nurturing gave rise to each of us as individuals.

A rectangular hyperbola may approach zero, but never reach it, so in XY=1, neither X nor Y can be 0. By some leap, this mean that gods can't exist, perhaps because "we" refuse to accept anything supernatural.
Does that seem about right, Sagar Gorijala?
Absolutely correct. Unbelievable... you got it right on the target. Bingo.
Have a good day and thanks a lot. Goodbye...for now.
We are all declared atheists here at Atheist Nexus. That means that I am atheist too. My guess is that your post is an attempt to PROVE that there is no "God", nor can there be any gods, if by gods we mean supernatural beings that create things from nothing or remove things from existence so that they become nothing.

Religions state that there are gods, and that they indeed have such powers, as opposed to atheists who deny to one extent or another that such gods exist. A religious believer will tell you that your mathematical proof does not disprove the existence of their "God", (or gods). I would agree with them.

The use of numbers is no way to disprove the existence of gods, because by definition, gods don't obey the rules of numbers or mathematics, nor even of the established laws of nature as defined by science. What that means is that showing that gods don't obey the rules of numbers or mathematics or science simply agrees with what the religious believer says.

When I say that I am atheist, I justify that on the basis that I can find no evidence that any gods exist. I also find that all of what we know about the universe can be explained in terms of natural, (un-godly), processes. I acknowledge that I have no proof that there are no gods, but I find that they are redundant, and only add a layer of complication, and are unnecessary to explain things perfectly well without them.

Some things are quite difficult to explain or prove in terms of numbers or mathematics or science, but this does not necessarily mean that gods are needed to explain them. Many aspects of the universe which once seemed to be of a supernatural origin, (eg. the formation of rainbows), have now been shown to be quite natural, and needing no godly or supernatural input. Just because we do not have a full explanation of how everything in the universe operates, does not mean that at some time in the future, more of the things which we don't yet understand or cannot yet explain, will not be understood or explained adequately by numbers or mathematics or science.

On the other hand, there should be quite obvious evidence of the action of gods, if we are told how those gods are supposed to behave, yet we do not find this to be true. For example, some people believe that "God" answers their prayers, yet we find no evidence to back up that claim. If there is a god answering the prayers of some people, where is the evidence? If there is no evidence, this implies that "God" is not answering prayers, which further implies that a prayer-answering god does not exist.

Some religious believers will tell us that their prayers have been answered, but as an atheist, I can be quite satisfied with the explanation that good fortune for them would have been exactly the same without those prayers. The desire for humans to believe in gods allows them to accept things without real proof, and they call it faith. They can also delude themselves into believing things, because that affirms their ideas of how the universe is.

Gods are also claimed to perform miracles, yet there has never been a proven miracle - at least not any confirmed by independent scientific investigation. I guess that religious people are entitled to their beliefs, beliefs I cannot find any good reason to accept for myself. The only reason I find atheism to be of any importance really, is that many religious people want to impose their views upon the rest of us, telling us what "God" will do to us or them, or telling us that their view of how the universe is and came to be is the only right one. Or they will shun the atheist or will do murder against others, theist and atheist alike, in the name of their god or their religion.

If the religious could accept the non-religious as just another variant of the human species, equally as good as themselves, equally as deserving of justice and respect, then there would be no need for atheists to get upset. I don't care if people have silly beliefs, just as long as I can be free to not have them. That will do for now.
Logically. Problem is, some illogical bad folks got greedy and played on those of god faith. I meant 'preyed upon' those of faith x. Wrath of the math all the way.




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