I will raise a rather different question...

You've all seen 'em...

You all know at least one...

A poser.

Not to say that there aren't legitimately people who express themselves in a unique way and aren't starving for attention, but unfortunately, there are those will exploit someone's expression of self for attention.

We've all met the people who were "goth" on the outside, but really Chip Smith from America Street on the inside, the "bi" kids who wanted their pictures taken at parties and of course, the holier-than-thou kids who went around telling everyone they were going to burn in hell, but didn't practice a single word that they preached.

But have you ever found a poser atheist? Odd as it is, I have in my life found at least one "atheist" who was a poser. They wanted to be noticed, to be seen and to cause a stir and as they labeled themselves militant with no idea what it really means, in the end acting like general assholes and giving us a bad name. Has anyone else encountered this rare specimen? If so, do share. :)

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Back in the 1960's there was an atheist named Charlie who spoke in the Sydney Domain.
He had some good one-liners and always had a good crowd at his meeting.
I liked listening to him, but did think he was a bit of a show-off.

Then I saw a couple of articles that he had written in different newsletters.
In one of them he signed himself Charles Best
In the other, he signed himself Charles King

The word "poser" sprang to mind.




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