Hey, I am not sure if this belongs here to the Atheist Nexus forum, but in any case. Why do we have a Scientology ad on our site? I mean, of ALL religions out there, it has to be Scientology. I mean, I think everyone here agrees that it might even beat Christianity in terms of stupidity and I just find it strange to see such an ad on this site, even the Google ads were more logical than that.

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Ofc it is, but I went a little "what the...", I had to click the link, no kidding, just to see what other shite they had come up with <.< the vid was boring, didn't say anything more than "we are too lazy to sum it up in a vid for you, so just browse the site yourself" :p
I think the scientology ad is coming from Google Ads.
Freedom of speech. Everywhere. All the time. It's worth it. Believe me. It's what lets us be here doing what we're doing.
No doubt somebody wrote something about Scientology and triggered the Google ads. My wife and I both have them on our blogs and she's forever working to block certain ads from showing up (RRRW groups, anti-gay sites, etc.). It's a time intensive task so for a site this elaborate we might just need to put up with them so we can have other things.
I don't see, nor have I ever seen, any ads on this site. Where do you see them?
They run on the right side of the page. You probably have AdBlock or something similar, that's why you don't see them.




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