all can say lol what the?

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At least services will be short.
true lol
I got ordained, but never donated to get proof of ordination.

I might get it elsewhere because I don't want to marry people only to have this ordination to be question.
haha a crusade if it wasnt such an evil idea it might be not a bad idea
the idea of a church makes me nervous
In reality, there should never be a church of atheism. Yes, after I said I was ordained, I am saying that. It is just for marriage, as the people who set up the church of atheism said was their reason. I doubt I will be involved in marriages as I have reservations about marriages themselves.

I have found that yes, even athiest can be dogmatic, which I think comes from human nature, but we should avoid institutionalizing it.
actually hope the theists dont find out about this.
they have been making the claim that atheism is just another religion and it is dogmatic they would just have a total field day with this one.
Irony much? shit.There's not supposed to be a church for atheist.That kind of contradicts the whole purpose.This site itself seems to be cutting it pretty close already.I say this because I'm an atheist sure.However I really don't believe in anything.Not even evolution.I mean sure there's a lot more evidence to prove it.It's still not enough for me though.I'd rather live my life not worrying about such trivial things.Then die,and that be it.(Unless of course vampires turned out to be real ;)
Well all I needed was a quick look to convince me...They disgrace the name of atheism.Again just some group of idiots trying to bring some kind of unnecessary order to something best left alone.




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