Hey all! 


I've been a member for several months now but have never gotten around to the introductions part. My excuse - a toddler that hates it when her mama is on the computer. :)  So...that excuse will also serve as a disclaimer for poor spelling, grammar and downright lack of thoughtfulness in any of my posts.  :)


Anyway...I've been an atheist for about 8 years now.  I started an honest (and rigorous) scrutiny of my faith when I was about 28 and it took me 5 years to go from missionary to atheist.  It was a painful process for me.  I loved being a christian...but was still bothered by those pesky little questions that came up occaisionally...like a bee in a bonnet.  I finally decided that if I didn't treat those questions with a measure of intellectual honesty then my own faith had no strenght.  That was the beginning of the end.  Again...painfull process...lots of losses, but I've come out ahead in the end.  Truly free, peaceful, hopeful and happy.  Life is grand! 




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Welcome! Glad to hear you came out of your experience for the best.


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