Being a “Secular” American is not a “moral” issue.

We all have a strong sense of moral values and we basically have another opinion of the origins of the human species. I don’t know of any Secular American who hasn’t thought out right from wrong and we came to the conclusion that the fear of the afterlife should not be our diving force. It has been my experience for all of us to learn the simple rules of our social culture and obey the rules of our community and understand that in America our social laws come from the individual states, not the Federal Government.

Most Secular Americans believe in evolution. It makes perfect sense when compared to the superstition of the Old and New Testaments. Natural selection has taken homosapiens through millions of years of breeding with the survivors of the previous generations and we managed to develop language, better nutrition (meat) and the design of weapons to kill our meat (and each other). Like other hunting mammals, we learn the art of living in tribes for our own safety. As we humans were gaining in intelligence and teamwork we became tribes of family members.

It took millions of years for these tribes to develop a ghost or God to hold the tribes together and in many cases the tribes were made stronger and weaker. Many Seculars were trained from birth to pray to the family God but many of us found the laws laid down by these Gods were inconsistent with individual actions. The glory of the human race can be found in our individual thoughts and actions away from the organized tribal Gods. We did not evolve to be handled by representatives of the various Gods. Our brains continued to grow and our thinking became our actions and most ended up as individual families not ignorant masses doing what we were told to do.

When human men decided to try to make the rules of many tribes under a single God, the wars began and even national governments entered into civil wars each having interpreted the words of men who never laid eyes on God or his disciples. The power of terrorism was introduced into the tribal members with orders to succumb to the laws of the God even over the heads of the tribal leaders themselves.

In America many of us were taken in by the promise of a separation of church and state and were very upset with President Bush 43 for promising the Christians they would be given faith based grants. It was buying votes that he needed to win. It ended up with a Primary of Republican candidates being grilled on their religious tenets. After the Primaries established a candidate from both parties, they had to be grilled again by an Evangelical Minister with questions asked that were insulting to the American system of individual freedoms.

Has it been established that America is a Christian nation with no exceptions? Are the Seculars expected to bend into a God they do not recognize? Many of us have lived under an active Christian President since 2000 and have never witnessed such corruption in our many years in America. Our Bush Cabinet has lied and manipulated us into a reaction to terrorism that is slowly removing our individual freedoms found in the Constitution. Every member of the Bush Cabinet has shown complete disrespect for human rights and individual freedoms.

This has been a double shock to me as I was a Registered Republican since 1953 when I reached the voting age. I saw a terrible trend with President Bush 41 when his focus was on the One World Order and he wanted to invade the Middle East to force a Democracy. It lost him his reelection and my membership as a Republican, but his son was enveloped in the concept of an American Empire and he brought in the religious right to make it happen. The level of corruption that came in with President Bush 43 made me stand up against this horrible man who felt that anything done in the name of Jesus Christ was justified.

Christians are using the moral values card to win power over the United States and there is apparently no way to stop this assault. It is such an evil action in a free nation that I would rather have Immigration Laws changed to accept Christians only in the next round of laws being written. If the American people really believe that only Christians have moral values, it is time for many of us to locate a new place to live. I have never had my morals questioned in 65 years but my name and family members are trashed all over the internet.

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Australians tend to have a healthy contempt for clergy,politicians, lawyers,journalists, child molestors and other members of the criminal classes.

No wonder I can find no like minded people; they're all in Australia. That explains a number of things ...



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