Islamic and Christian extremism is commonplace, but what are some examples of Jewish extremism?

Dates, links etc. would be appreciated.

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I don't think it truly exists, except by the time Jesus was prosecuted. However, after that, the table more or less turned, and Jews are still today looked down upon in most societies.
"Extremism" generally involves converting others to a specific belief system, but Jews don't try to increase their numbers through conversion. In fact, they are very picky about whom they allow to become Jewish (one must "knock three times" before even being considered for Judaism), and some of the very orthodox groups refuse anyone who isn't born of a Jewish woman. So, I don't think you're going to find any documented examples of extremism among the Jewish population...mostly, they've been too busy being chased out of everywhere to think about it, from what I understand.
[Link][Link] - etc. It's really not that hard to find. Of course, it's all anti-semite propaganda...
Wolfawitz, Daniel Pipes, Richard Pearl and their ilk are part and parcel of the mammoth AIPAC. Daniel Pipes tried to stifle American academic freedom on US universities’ campuses with his “Campus Watch” to spy on Americans and prevent any debate or discussion of Israel’s racist policies and its grip on US foreign policy. Here is a brief on Israel’s history and policies:
"Israel" never ever recognized the existence of the indigenous owners of Palestine: the Palestinian people.Golda Meir once said "What Palestinians?"
Israel never implemented a single UN resolution since its creation including UN 181 which created it-by devouring large chunks of the would be Palestine state in 1947, nor UN 194 of the same year which dictates the return of Palestinian refugees now multiplied into seven million who are still living in refugee camps outside Palestine for the past 60 years.
Jewish terrorist gangs such as Haganah, Palmach, Shtern and Argun used extreme violence to ethnically cleanse millions of Palestinians and destroyed over five hundred Palestinians villages to prevent their return as per UN 194-which 60 years later Israel still refuses to implement. Israel was built on and continues to survive on respectively gang and state terrorism. Even Israeli revisionist historians have uncovered and documented Israeli ethnic cleansing to establish the racist state in 1947.
No land or resources are left whatsoever for a Palestinian state: Israel occupied 78%of Arab historic Palestine in 1947/8 and 22% in 1967 (West Bank, Gaza and most importantly Jerusalem which was built by the Canaanite Arabs long before there ever were Jews on earth) AND again Israel annexed-slowly but surely by implanting settlements in full day light- over 58% of the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem-leaving less than 10% of original Arab historic Palestine for a Palestinian state??? Recently
Israel grabbed three more villages in Palestinian land near Jerusalem-just before because Obama suggested they stop building new settlements.
Even the present Israeli defense minister Yahoud Barrack once said: “If I were a Palestinian I would be a terrorist.”

Israel's economic successes have been possible only because they have confiscated most of the fresh water in the region, then used $billions in American aid to prop up their apartheid theocracy. We have given more than $100 billion in aid, besides billions in weapons, and more than a billion a year is moved from our economy into theirs by private American support groups.

All Zionism is extremist.
Historically speaking, not all Zionism is extremist. This is a fraudulent, anti-Semitic historical claim. Within the history of the Zionist movement, before and after 1948, there were extremists, even by Zionist standards, not to mention left-wing Zionists and cultural Zionists and others less enthusiastic about Jewish exclusivism in the Middle East or even opposed to a specifically Jewish state.

The Zionist movement prior to Herzl, when everything was up for grabs including the desired location of a Jewish settlements--Palestine, Uganda, Argentina, Nevada or Utah--is even less prone to the bullshit unqualified "Zionism is racism" charge.

After 1948, Zionism isn't just an "ism", it's a state, and so one has to ask what the "ism" consists of since and for whom.

Jewish or Zionist extremism since the late '60s consists of one or more of the following: (1) territorial expansionism, coupled with extreme displacement or assault on the living conditions of the Arab population, (2) eliminativist attitude toward Israeli Arabs, (3) dictatorial, separatist, theocratic assault on liberal and secular Jews, attacking secularization, intermarriage, etc.

One needs to question the interchangeability of the terms "Jewish" and "Zionist", as well as recognize the latter as a code word for the defamation of Jews.
That's AIPAC BS. I have nothing against Jews. My first wife was Jewish. But Zionism, the desire to recreate the (largely imaginary) "historical" Nation of Israel to its ancient borders automatically establishes it as contrary to the rule of international law and treaty. The UN resolutions that created modern Israel also called for a creation of a Palestinian state for the 800,000 Muslims, Christians and Druze displaced by Israel. When Israel took 50% of that land with 10 yrs, the UN called for the return of land to those displaced. Israel has done none of that. Israel is now the worlds most murderous terrorist state...except for the US.
Dupreee, you're full of shit. I do not represent, support, or advocate anything in relation to the state of Israel. So go fuck yourself.
"One needs to question the interchangeability of the terms "Jewish" and "Zionist", as well as recognize the latter as a code word for the defamation of Jews."

Is a BS statement. Get nasty all you want to but that line is one of the AIPAC lies used to stifle reasonable debate about Israeli terrorism.
Wow Ralph - What made this discussion get so personal?

Ralph must be really mad. He hasn't said "ignorant" once.
Israel is now the worlds most murderous terrorist state...except for the US.

We're number one! - we're number one!! It's sadly true. i have great sympathy for the average Israeli or Palestinian citizen as they have been the collateral damage to two groups of religious loons fighting a battle that's millennia old. Throw the Rapture ready Xtians into the mix and we have a perfect shit storm.
Israel is now the worlds most murderous terrorist state...except for the US.

Do these figures take into account the population gap between America and other smaller countries? Is it a total number added up or is it a percent of murder and terror per-capita?
I knew a Jewish guy who would count his fingers after shaking your hand...


He would not tip even if he was in a canoe...

Hold on.

He married a skinny girl to save on the wedding band!

Thats pretty extreme!

Ok, he would swallow his food whole so he didn't wear out his teeth.

Ok, no more Jew jokes. I'm done now.




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