Pat Condell really doesn't like scripture. Usually he isn't this pissed, but this time he is just down-right blunt about it.
So in this case he takes it a little too far. But nonetheless, entertaining to watch.

So now I'm curious.
when you open the front door, when in a meeting or business discussion, when you are walking down the street to find someone with a mic, scripture quotes and an amplifier; what do you do?

Tell us some stories ;)

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I love that guy. Thanks for posting. :)

You know, I've had some extremely productive, civil and rational conversations with Christians. Not one of those occurred, you will note, in the presence of a bullhorn or microphone.

If you have to yell, your message is weak and ineffective.
We just need to get cracking on states 51 through 95, and make citizenship for those states retroactive.
I think I would be down-right annoying back, start to questioning them, and explain that I am a Pagan which I bet none of them know what it is since they assume I would be in that case, an Atheist. Then I would maybe try to turn the table, explain why Paganism is the most logical and best religion in the world XD that would be fun!
I don't think they'll assume you're an atheist, they'll assume you're a satan worshipper! This seems to be pretty much the default assumption for these loons.
I don't think he's gone too far at all. If anything, he was surprisingly polite. He didn't resort to obscenity or name calling. He stated his honest opinion and power to him.
I also don't think he's gone too far.
I really like his rants.
When I was in B'ham Ala once,I got on a bus and a lady said very loudly:"I'm a goaana preach." I looked at her and said,just as loudly:"I'm getting off this bus." And I waited for the next one.
Ignore the halfwit or start an argument for fun, depends on the mood.
I don't think he has gone too far at all. A clear opinion, rationally explained. As to me, depending on who the evangeliser is, I either state outright I'm an atheist and discuss or not depending on their response, or say I think you're deluded and we'll agree to disagree - usually reserved for family.
When I was in college, there was a preacher that would come to the student building once or twice a week and yell a sermon (no microphone or bullhorn, just yelling) at the "free speech area" next to the student center (I never understood why one area of campus was designated as the "free speech area", but that's another topic). He'd yell about how we were all going to Hell and were a bunch of sinners, blah, blah, blah. Occasionally, somebody would try to debate him, but they might as well have been debating a brick wall. I just ignored him, as I felt arging with him would only give him more power.
Love this video! I don't think he went too far by any means. I think he hit the nail on the head. I've always just mostly ignored the people screaming about god on the streets, or bluntly told the ones that have come to my door to go away. However, I've only recently come to the realization that I am an atheist, so now I feel like it's a whole new ballgame. Seems like they all want to tell me the "good news" about Jesus. So, I'm toying with the idea of telling them the good news - that there is no hell because it's all made up and they don't have to feel guilty or scared any more! Think that would be kind of funny. I'll post if I use it. :)
I highly suggest subscribing to Pat Condell's channel on youtube. Soooo good! :)

No stories here. When I run into loud voices I can't help but laugh/snicker. I've never been asked what's so funny.
I completely agree with him.
Too many times in discussion, I've come across the religiously bred who think repeating scripture which I've read countless times before, will change my mind as to whether it's real or not.

... you can tell me the sky is pulsating yellow to mahogany at 20Hz as many times as you want, It's not going to convince me it's anything but blue, grey, or black.

But these people just don't get it. They simply don't understand what the word Evidence means.
They're like the worst incarnation of Fox news... they can't back up a lie, so they just keep repeating it.

And yes, I've read the bible. I've even read the Koran and most of the Torah (Which is pretty much original testament, so I quit reading).

I contemplated it all... I have to, it's in my nature. I can't dismiss something outright until I've given it a chance... I gave it a chance... and from cover to cover each religious text was riddled with fairy-tales, contradictions, superstitious garbage, and an utter and complete lack of comprehension of basic science.

Exactly what the archaically educated authors back then would have written.

Written by man, to be read by man, so that man could be controlled by man. No god. No spirits. No heaven. No Hell... just your usual mix of lust for power and willingness to spin any form of lie to achieve it.




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