Pat Condell really doesn't like scripture. Usually he isn't this pissed, but this time he is just down-right blunt about it.
So in this case he takes it a little too far. But nonetheless, entertaining to watch.

So now I'm curious.
when you open the front door, when in a meeting or business discussion, when you are walking down the street to find someone with a mic, scripture quotes and an amplifier; what do you do?

Tell us some stories ;)

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I loved it. I'll have to check his other stuff out.

Freethinker - did you go to Okla State? I went to Okla State and their was a guy we called Preacher Bob and he preached on the library lawn by the student center. I think he took his wacko speeches to surrounding state universities too. Skinny guy and I think he had dark curly hair. He baptized people in the nearby river. Anywho....he was a wrath of god preacher and he stereotyped like there was no tomorrow. Red heads are whores. Led zepplin fans were pot heads. Catholics were bad. Cheerleaders were whores. Rape victims were sluts just asking for it. Etc etc. You either got pissed off or laughed your head off. It was pure entertainment. Believers would have 'scripture war' with him. Nobody was right about bible interpetration but him. And there were students who actually believed him! But I'm pretty certain the bulk of spectators were there for the arguement or watching the 3 ring circus for the fun of it supposebly a father punched him for insulting his daughter and he (Bob) sued him for assault.
I am in agreement that he was more than polite. Generally atheist's believe that someone's ideas are silly to ridiculous, religious folks have an evil after-life for those who differ from them.
Speaking up usually brings the surprise that most people, including religious ones, don't agree with the bull-horn, bully, proselytizing jack-asses either.




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