This is just a post on the amazing and reassuring afternoon that I had.

I'm a relatively new atheist. It's been less than a year since the day that I realized I was in fact no longer a Christian. I became involved with my university's atheist/agnostic student group, a small group with only a few active members, and have since become one of the officers of the group. We decided this year that we need to make our presence more visible, being that the area that our university is in is extremely religious part of the state, and knowing that there has to be non-religious students here that are sick of the overwhelming Christian presence. Walking through campus right now means being smothered by religious groups, all trying to force fliers into your hands. We decided to set up a table of our own with a poster and a few fliers, but decided specifically not to try to hand out fliers, and let people come to us. I hate when people force fliers into my hand, and I wasn't about to do the same.

I was apprehensive... very apprehensive. How were people going to react to us? It was not what I expected. We got an overwhelmingly positive response! People were yelling, "Thank you!" to us as they walked past. Others were saying "I'm so happy there's a group like this here!" or, "I had no idea there were other atheists on campus!" We got high-fives, hugs, etc etc. It was unbelievable. Our first meeting is tonight, and I'm expecting bunch of new people there. I got plenty of dirty looks too, but also had some great, very civil discussions with some Christians, and got to show them that atheists are just normal people trying to live their lives. What a great afternoon!

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You might try my father's response to questions such as this. He would look them in the eye and say, straight faced, "Actually, I'm a Jumping Calathumpian - the Orthodox branch, of course." ;-)
How times have changed...When I went to college,a religious nut was allowed on campus to preach..I remember her standing under a tree ranting on with a small crowd around her.
She was wearing a long skirt and what she did not know was a group of males standing behind her were chewing tobacco and spitting it on the back of her skirt.
Congratulations! That is really great news for you and your group.

How did the meeting go last night?
I was having a lousy day until I read your post, and now I suddenly feel much better.

Keep up the excellent work.
Maybe I will try to organize something like this on my campus. We don't yet have an atheist/agnostic/freethinker group, but we do have a slowly budding philosophy club I may be able to convert or search for members. :P
If you are not already familiar with the Secular Student Alliance, you may want to check them out.
Yeah, we just don't have them on our campus... yet.
Well done, sir.
Thanks for all of the responses everybody. We had 6 new people show up at our first meeting last night, with most of them being either freshmen or sophomores, and a pretty passionate group too. Great news, since a lot of us will be gone after this year, and we'll have people available to keep the group going after we're gone. It's definitely good starting the year off on such a positive note.




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