I'm sad to say that the performance of the Nexus for me is horrible. The scrolling of pages is amazingly slow/choppy.

I'm on Firefox3/Ubuntu but even on windows Xp at work it wasn't much better. Anyone else has similar experience?

UPDATE: Problem transferred here.. If you have this issue, vote it up.

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XP SP2 with both IE 7 and FF3. A little choppy at times but not bad.
Yes. Firefox 3 and XP Pro. It's pretty annoying. I tried EI and it was better but still choppy.
Same here, choppy on FF3 (on XP SP2). Oddly enough, My Pages that have a custom theme scroll pretty smoothly. No idea what's up with that.
I'm thinking it must be the default theme + the background
FF3/Vista. Not noticing anything offensively slow.

OK, I hadn't noticed that the scrolling *is* a little jerky...... but I wouldn't have noticed that at all if you hadn't pointed it out!
Same system, sometimes it lags but it seems like server lag
Using Firefox 3 Beta 5 with Ubuntu 8.04. Getting the same scrolling problem.
A little choppy but not annoyingly so. And yea, custom pages run perfectly.
Using Firefox 3 on a newish iMac, I've not had any trouble scrolling and only occasional page loading delays. I haven't tried it on XP yet.
Firefox 3 on a MacBook...no problem.
FF3/Vista. Horribly choppy.
Ok I think this may have to do more with the Graphic Card than the OS or browser. In my gf laptop (Ubuntu/ff3 again) it's not choppy at all.

At home I've got an Nvidia (Gt 8800). What card do those of you with choppiness have?


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