This Republican ticket really scares me with all the extreme religious belief that WILL be shoved upon us as well as a VP that wants Creationism taught as science. I really wish more people with a science background were in leadership roles. Lets stand up and fight the good fight. By the way I have always been a Republican but over the last 8 years my political affiliation has really strayed from this extreme religious sect that is in power. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Just in case anyone's missed it, have a look at Brother Richard's post on Elizabeth Dole on the Atheist Nexus Home Page. According to Dole, atheists aren't people you'd want to have over for dinner! All atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and humanists should email Dole and tell her her bigotry against non-believers is unacceptable.
I have to just post a further comment having dug a little deeper. Mind you I mean no offense towards vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin but it just seems so transparent that McCain is making this choice to try to pull over the Clinton supporters simply because she is a women. He had apparently only met her once or twice and that really does not seem like enough to base such an important decision on. I just feel that McCain felt he had to make a drastic move to counter act the snowball effect that was coming about due to this weeks Convention.
For the most part, this woman seems down to earth, and a tough cookie. I think she'll debate well. It's just so dang frustrating that these qualities are tarnished with her view on religion. This really irritates me. I may be okay, if she still believed that stuff, pro-life, etc., but just address us, recognize us.
She is totally against freedom of choice.
My first impression is to be frightened by this ticket as well. I'm trying to keep that in check until we start seeing debates between Palin and Biden. But based on her lack of experience and viewpoints on all of the issues that matter to me, I am worried. It does seem patently obvious that this is a pandering move to try to win over those Clinton supporters that claim to be withholding their vote to Obama out spite. I can't even wrap my brain around the idea that anyone who supported Clinton could be so snowed over as to vote for this woman who is so anti-woman and anti-freedom.
Well the more you look into this the more it looks like a totally spur of the moment choice without much investigation into his choice. Here is a link to an article of which I don't know how much is true but I have found articles stating the same points.
I think Palin was chosen for several reasons. As another poster mentioned, she is a woman and the Republicans hope to swing over some disenfranchised Hillary supporters. Also McCain is known to be rather private about his religious beliefs. He's a bit of a turn-off to the religious right for that reason. Palin will attract votes from the religious right.

What scares me even more than the points mentioned in the Wired blog above, is the comments. Much of the public honestly thinks that evolution requires faith. Now THAT is frightening.
It is pretty pityful when you see politicians acting the way Palin is in the below article when the proof is right there in the second article.

Palin sues Fed:

Polar Bears drowning:
Hopefully, the sheer amount of pandering that McCain did on his selection of VP will bite him in the ass.... HARD!

So this lady is a former beuaty pageant contenstant... Okay, those people scare me. It's like they are manufactured at some batton twirling, orthodontist's Stepfor factory!
Man, McCain totally shot himself in the foot by choosing Palin! McCain's argument that Obama is inexperienced, unqualified, and lacks the judgement to be president is totally undermined by choosing Palin. And in fact shows to the American people that he is the one who lacks the judgement necessary to be President. The oldest man to run for president, and one who has had 4 skin cancer tumors removed from his face, should not pick a running mate (who will be just a heart beat away from the presidency) with just 20 months of serious political experience.

If the pdf's in this article are legit it really makes me wonder what these politicians are thinking when they state one thing when the evidence clearly shows they do the opposite!




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