New York rocker and friend of mine Kelly Buchanan suffered a traumatic brain injury in March when she was hit in the head with a street hockey ball. She has no health insurance, so the nice people at ASCAP are sponsoring a benefit to raise some money for her bills. Here's the poster:

While the event won't pay off all her debt, which is extensive, ASCAP hopes the show of support will draw attention to her new record, and the proceedings are going to be filmed, I assume to raise money from promotional videos after the fact.

Along with my band, Nada Surf is playing, as well as some special guests. You can read more about it here -

Nada Surf:

Hope I can meet some of you there.


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*nods* Unfortunately, health care costs are prohibitively expensive for so many people.

Fortunately she's getting some help from her friends. Unfortunately, not everyone has such nice friends.
Heh... anyone remember this book? One of my favorites as a child:




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