I'm starting to see sports teams at this intersection asking for money. They need money for uniforms, bus trips, etc. It never ends. Sometimes they'll swarm an intersection with buckets. In some cases, i think it's just parents exploiting their kids, and there may not be a sports team at all. I managed to capture one of these money grabs with my cheapo camera. Excuse the fuzziness, but i zoomed a little. You'll see kids with posters about the playoffs/championship or something, taking money. Man, so many teams going to the championship. They wouldn't keep coming back if people didn't give to them. I don't expect everyone to agree with my view on this, and you may see it as harmless. I think it's a bad lesson for kids. Wouldn't it be better to work for your uniform? If i were a parent, i'd be embarassed to ask for money at intersections for my kids team that "I" enrolled him in. They are also starting to show up at the entrance of walmart. When i go shopping, i have to put on my game face to shut them down and get thru them. Disgusting, IMO. Okay here's a short vid > http://video.yahoo.com/watch/3405418/9515434

When it comes to the obvious panhandlers, do you give to them?

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damian: I'm starting to see sports teams at this intersection asking for money.

They must be liberals.
I have a kid just entering kindergarten and I have to say that I HATE FUNDRAISING (yes, I was yelling when I said that). I am so not looking forward to all the trying to hit up my neighbors to buy stupid overpriced things that they probably don't need.

Obviously if parents are using their kids to get handouts that is just SO wrong. In principle I agree with you that this sends the wrong message to kids. But on the other hand if people are willing to freely give their loose change to support these teams then so be it (and if they are being taken advantage of, then buyer beware). For me personally, I would certainly encourage my children to think up better ways to raise money than panhandling for it.
I don't give them anything. Who knows where the money is going? We get some religious wackjobs in the intersection here - holding up traffic and being a annoyance - right in front of the state police barracks. I really wish that they would get out of the god damn way. Go sell your kidney, parasites.

By the way, when does the fu*king science club get to block the intersection asking for money? What about the library? It's always sports and religion.




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