The thing that bothered me the most about being a Christian when I was young, wasn't the idea of hell or sin or whatever. But it always pissed me off when someone told me that animals didn't have souls, and my pets would not be in heaven. If heaven is supposed to be perfect...why aren't my puppies going to be waiting for me when I die? What kind of happiness could you possibly find if your childhood pets aren't there? How can you sell a religion like that? honestly...

*insert sound of disgust here*

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You know...the movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven" still makes me cry... ;)
I've often wondered how anyone was supposed to enjoy heaven knowing that not everyone was getting in. How can a person be eternally blissful if they know that their spouse, children, parents, or friends are being tortured forever?

A friend of mine was raised as a Southern Baptist and he has suggested (though I don't know if this is an official answer or just something they told him when he asked too many questions) that heaven is supposed to be enjoyable because god wipes your memory of anything that might detract from your bliss.

I guess, for people who like the idea of an Eternal Leader, a divine Minitrue is just another selling point.
The idea that someone would wipe me of any of my memories, good or bad, does not make me want to visit heaven. Ick.
Yeah, let's become like braindeads!
Around here, it's more like preaching to the jazz ensemble.
You see, this is the funny thing about religion (read: absolutely hilarious and stupid)... Some churches or pastors will tell you that dogs and cats go to heaven, and that they do have souls. Some of those people will tell you only your pets go to heaven, and not wild animals. Some of those people will tell you that no animals at all go to heaven. All of these people have specific scriptures they quote to prove they are right, and that other people are wrong. It's called Cherry-Picking, and it's something that religion in general is notorious for, especially "Jesus freaks" who teach just what Jesus taught and completely ignore other parts of the bible, specifically the old testament.

Also, in reference to the mind wiping, I heard this too. I'm sure when I heard it there was some scripture quoted and misconstrued to make their belief in it true, but that is what I heard. The problem is, wouldn't you eventually want to know who or where your parents are, even if you can't remember them? You can't just pop in to existence without parents.
If they do say "I don't know" then they give the same old song and dance speech about how "god works in mysterious ways, and there are some things that we will never know, b/c god doesn't want us to know."

But when the science community says "I don't know, there isn't enough evidence at this point in time to determine an accurate answer.." Does the community at large say "oh they are so humble!" Nope... it's "well if science can't explain it, obviously the answer is god."
"God works in mysterious ways; it's a good thing he talks to Pastor Jimbo and tells him who we should all vote for."
the religious right shouldn't go out and vote...they should just pray for who they want to be president, and see how that turns out...
haha yes that's what the church should promote next election!
I agree though, this was one of the issues I had with Christianity too. I have always been a very inquisitive person, and I was no less inquisitive as a kid. I couldn't accept the fact that things just "are because someone said so". I wasn't raised in a particularly strong religious home either, so I had never heard that reasoning before too, which I guess I should account myself lucky for. However, when my mother died and my pets died, I found it all to be unfair and I didn't see the point of having them in Heaven when I was still on Earth. It didn't give me relief, but more grief.




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