If you ever have opportunity to speak with one of Jehovah's Witnesses...

ask them how they feel about the ideas presented in this public discourse delivered by one of the representatives of their organization...


Warning: The religious views presented in this public discourse reveal disturbing intolerance and hatred.

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This is why I call them Jehovah's Witlesses
When they knock at my doors, they become rather clueless because I am more educated than them in religious matters (the first question is most often "what do you believe in?"). Next time they come I will invite them and screw them up quite badly. Their Watch Tower thing is so utter shite, cherrypick bible verses to fit into their strange contexts like "does god care about the environment?"
No, but i have always wanted to answer the door wearing a cloth robe with pentagram medallion with a chanting CD on in the background. Its a little hard to set up though.

"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."


Must have been a good one.

I like how he's talking about jehovah having a plan to clean up all of the rotting corpses to prevent the land and water from becoming polluted for the chosen survivors, and then 30 seconds later says that the earth and water are already polluted. You'd think they'd proofread their speeches, but then again, logical progression probably isn't their strong suit.
That video has been removed. Apparently plenty of people found it too offensive.
A sad day, and a loss for freedom of information. I want to see this!




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