Well I learned something new today....

Thanks to the uber stalker network that facebook is, I checked up on my crazy right wing fundamentalist christian cousin today. I like to see what he's doing every now and then b/c its just funny. Well I noticed he changed his favorite books, he added "The Kolbrin." I didn't know what the hell this was so I went a-googling. I stumble across this site, apparently its an ancient text with many truths and wisdom in it, and of course it mentions 2012: http://kolbrin.com/

Here is a quote from that site:

"Numerous accounts in The Kolbrin Bible offer prescient descriptions of a large reddish object. We're likewise told it caused Noah's Flood and the Ten Plagues of Exodus during previous flybys. Given the mysterious nature of this object, what could it be?"

Indeed what could it be? I really hope 2012 is an extremely uneventful year.

I take that back, I hope all sorts of weird political and social anomalies happen. It is an election year, and who knows which jack-asses will be running for president then.

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Well, I doubt that 2012 will be uneventful (there's sure to be an earthquake, flood, or hurricane somewhere) but it's not going to have anything to do with ancient calenders, doomsday prophecies, or Krikkit robots.
No robots? dammit... I was hoping to become a cyborg in 2012. Oh well.
I still find it more logical that we'll crash with a comet <.< Not that I think that's a high probability, but at least we know it CAN happen. As you all know, we are supposed to collide with one 2029 or something like that.




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