"Chilling undercover investigation into the influence of Saudi Arabian religious extremism throughout the UK."

'Undercover Mosque' is really scary stuff; on the other hand I felt quite sorry for these utterly brainwashed people ranting mindlessly against their fellow human beings.

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The issue truly arises when one groups of Muslims says "we don't agree" but we still cannot ignore this is happening everywhere. Yes, there are always people who will not agree, and I embrace those Muslims who dare to speak up against extremetism. However, when those people also start yelling "stop stereotyping us", it becomes truly troublesome, because they are right to some extent. Still we cannot ignore the extremetists. We don't know how may extremetists there are out there. Chances are they will not say it out openly, if they are busted they know they cannot continue. It's like the same like when Hitler got the power in Nazi-Germany. It was a very long political process and it took him many, many years. He was lucky that Germany was very politically weak when he seized power, this isn't true in the same case with Europe and people will not let go as easily and be deluded like the people were by Hitler's promises back then, but the similar is still very striking.

However, if a mob would occur, chances are it will if we don't control this properly, people will die. We don't want that either. Hard question to solve. I guess the only way to control it would be to truly make a seperation between those who agree and those who not. Maybe the extremists will find themselves with so little support they will not act out in the end.




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