This is from a friend in the US, I have no way of confirming the information below other than I trust her information.

If anyone has information that is different I would love to hear it.

She sounds like a scary woman!

Who is Sarah Palin? Here's some basic background:

#1 She was elected Alaska's governor a little over a year and a half ago. Her previous office was mayor of Wasilla, a small town outside Anchorage. She has no foreign policy experience.

#2 Palin is strongly anti-choice, opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest.

#3 She supported right-wing extremist Pat Buchanan for president in 2000.

#4 Palin thinks creationism should be taught in public schools.

#5 She's doesn't think humans are the cause of climate change.

#6 She's solidly in line with John McCain's "Big Oil first" energy policy. She's pushed hard for more oil drilling and says renewables won't be ready for years. She also sued the Bush administration for listing polar bears as an endangered species—she was worried it would interfere with more oil drilling in Alaska.

#7 How closely did John McCain vet this choice? He met Sarah Palin once at a meeting. They spoke a second time, last Sunday, when he called her about being vice-president. Then he offered her the position.

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Oh, I can see that. It's a much better point than, "Her daughter is pregnant, she can't lead".
I have no problem with her daughter it is her behaviour that worries me.

What her daughter does or does not do should never have any bearing on the candidate, what is important is how she has responded.
I agree, it just seems like that isn't what the media has been focusing on.
and Palin's husband was once arrested for DUI? hahahahahaha omg(fsm)... this world is surreal...
Apparently she is a strong supporter of abstinence only sex ed; rofl lmao!!!

If found this earlier this morning
While the rumor this points to now seems false, it raises some serious questions about her behavior during her pregnancy.
I've no clue what that CNN article was talking about with a McCain aide being the father. Hours later it was changed so I'm assuming it was a copy error.

Not that I think any of this really matters for the election (way too soap opera/gossipy for my taste) but people are talking about it so here ya go:

The father is an 18 year old from Wassilla, Alaska. The age of consent in Alaska is 16 so there's no 'statutory' issue as some have brought up on other blogs.
Re her 5th baby and the suspicions there.

I think it would be interesting to do a paternity DNA test to see if Sarah's husband was the father of the child :-) If it is her child then lets know who the father is or isn't.

After the grilling they gave Bill Clinton over DNA I don't think that would be an unreasonable thing to know !!!

this story link has been disabled

I wonder who removed it and what pressure was brought. So much for freedom of the internet.

On Australian radio this morning Mcain is described as "caving in to the religious right " and that Republicans had received $100,000 in donations as soon as Palin was announced as his running mate.
here's something Mcain said to his wife out loud in front of a crowd including the press-

His wife Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, "You’re getting a little thin up there."
McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt."

Hard to imagine a more dangerous president than GW Bush but could you imagine this man holding delicate peace negotiations with a hostile country ?
no because those conversations would never take place. McLame strikes me as the kind of ignorant hot head who shoots first and asks questions later.
Oops. I can't see the link I posted and for some reason I can't edit the post. 2nd try.



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