As a popular music historian (of a sort), I am constantly banging head first into hit songs about people's imaginary friends. And, as such, I mourn for the nation and the world.

So ...

Question 1). Which are your most hated god-centric popular songs? (Mine are, in order, "God Bless The U.S.A." (Lee Greenwood), "Jesus Take The Wheel" (Carrie Underwood) and "Jesus Walks" (Kanye West).

Question 2). Do you have any god-centric popular songs that you rather like, despite their theme? (I'll only admit to "Spirit In The Sky" by Norman Greenbaum, though there are one or two others.)

Question 3). This one is going to be a stumper, I fear. Aside from "Imagine" by John Lennon, is there/are there another/other popular song(s) which are expressly atheistic/humanistic and specifically don't call upon an invisible friend? (I say "popular," in that there are probably many by a variety of indie artists, but those don't necessarily swim in the mainstream where everyone would have heard it on the radio.)

There are a million reasons why there wouldn't be -- not the least of which it's hard to sing about a negative of something (belief), but maybe I'm overlooking something.

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HAHA!! Nice!
I always sing it as Cheez-Its take the wheel...I know, silly but who cares? I actually like Carrie Underwood's voice and the song is actually beautiful.
1. I can't believe no one has mentioned "Our God Is An Awesome God" yet. I guess it's not popular in the way you're talking about, but I'll be damned (har har) if I don't hear it in every Jesus music compilation commercial. It drives me up the wall!

2. Jesus Walks and Spirit in the Sky are the only ones that I can think of, but my mind always goes blank when I'm put on the spot.

3. Well, I'd say that "Do You Realize?" by the Flaming Lips is pretty humanistic, as it boils down to "accept your mortality and make the most of your life while you have it." I've heard it in zillions of movies, TV shows and commercials, so I'd guess that a large portion of America is at least semi-acquainted with it. Plus, I've read that Wayne Coyne is an atheist. I can't think of any Flaming Lips songs that come right out and say "God is a myth," but a lot of them are thematically similar to "Do You Realize?" ("All We Have Is Now") or are about finding strength and beauty in humanity ("The Gash").
Oh, and Modest Mouse! I don't think any of their popular singles have been particularly atheistic, but tons of their songs are explicitly about there being no god. I think at least 2/3rds of the songs on The Moon and Antarctica would qualify. Again, I guess they're kind of on the indier side of popular, but I know most of the kids I went to school with were fans. And as far as non-sortofmainstream music goes, "Phantom Power" by the Halo Benders is one of my favorite atheist songs.

We don't need your phantom power
Keep your gods to yourself
Calling all your personal fouls
Makin' waves across the nation
You can't help but reveal your true self
Your real self
Super freak will prove triumphant
Toppling altars and false gods
Pouring salt in the wounds
Worshiping idols and thumping bibles
You don't have to keep to one god bein' defiled
... you won't let those robots defeat me.. Yoshimi?
It's demanding to defeat those evil machines, but I know I can beat them.
Oh, that's great! I didn't know that about Modest Mouse! I have a song or two, but I'll have to get more.

And am running to iTunes for the Flaming Lips right now.
Hmmm. I really can't think of any god songs that annoy me. But then, I don't listen to the radio for music, so it is not surprising. As for religious songs that i do like, sufjan stevens comes to mind. Though I must admit I had no idea he was god driven until after I liked his music :)
People already mentioned the atheistic songs/bands I know of, I do like modest mouse and xtc... so there goes 3...
I want you to know that without anyone even mentioning it, the very thought of annoying Christian music has thrust "Awesome God" into my brain.

Our Goooooooood is an AWEsome God
He reeeeeeeeeeeigns from heaven above...

This will be with me all day, possibly longer. Cheers.
Whats some awesome about him?

He must have a trampoline in his backyard.
I was the kid without a trampoline... :(
That is why God hates you.
It's true, I would consider being friends with this God character had he is own trampoline. I might even call him 'awesome.'




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