Lets work together to contact all our southern members to make sure they are ok and to see if we can do anything for them.

Look in your friends and see if any of them are in the southern states. If they are offer to help any way you can.
If you are in a position to offer a room to a family so they don't have to stay in a shelter, offer.

If you are a southerner, please post here so we know you are ok. Please let me know if you've checked in.

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Does she need a hotel room?
The don't know the path for Ike or Josephine. Ike is currently a Cat. 3 but it might get worse.
We got walloped by gustav. I just got phone service back. It was chaos around here. People were scrambling for food, fighting at gas stations, etc. I didn't have power for 2 weeks, and there was a curfew due to it being pitch black at night. I took a few pics after gustav blew thru my neighborhood, see gallery > http://pseudosun.smugmug.com/gallery/6057371_U9eLy/1/379703324_chtN9

Quick story: one of my customers (mr. bradford) was sitting in his kitchen when a huge tree came down on his house. His neighbors found him crawling around, and the gas was goin full blast. Luckily, a neighbor had a wrench close by and shut it off. His house is in that gallery. I haven't been able to reach him yet, but i'm sure he's out of it. He had a pet (cat) cemetary in his backyard which got ruined by heavy machinery. His house will be demolished, and he will probably go into a home.
Wow..those are some scary photographs. Glad you're ok!


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