Hey guys :) I'm new here, so don't mind me. ;) Definitely look forward to taking part in some of the discussions here. I got referred here by vjack from Atheist Revolution, a great blog that one.

Anyways, I wanted to share a great site with you guys, well, with any of you who have a bone to pick with Christianity or other powerful religions. There's a lot of active discussion going on there, and you can become a writer...so check it out :P The site is the Anti-Christian Phenomenon. There's also a music group on last.fm, if you use it.

So, nice to meet you all, now off to check out the debates. :)

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Thanks for the promotion Yvette.

To everyone, the ACP is always glad to accept people. If you want a place to write, a good community of young, bright minds, an existing audience and don't want to open and manage yet another blog, you're free to join ;)




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