I often wonder do we write off certain religious stances when accepting the title of atheist? how odd is deism, to believe a god, or god like being created the universe but cannot control it past its creation. Scientist are already working on so called 'test tube universes' so why can our universe not be one of them, say a outside force initiated the big bang would it not be a viable explanation for the creation of the universe?

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Just to undercut the real issue here: I consider deism to be a more rational stance concerning god. Rational in the sense that it slices out the God Hypothesis all together and leaves us to get on with our lives unencumbered. Science and secularism might effectively flourish under deism, which is something to be encouraged.

But let's face it a deist is effectively an atheist for all intents and purposes except that for some curious reason they persist with the notion of God, while atheists simply erase that - irrelevant - part of the formula.

My opinion, for what its worth, is that deists believe in the "soul" and as such need a God in whose divine benevolence they can depend upon to look after it in hereafter. That, in my view, is the only logical reason that a person might wish to persist with the notion of a deistic God.

It is, in effect, a type of Pascal's Wager: an unwillingness to let go of a redundant hypothesis on the off chance it might still be true, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

For all that, I would still prefer to see a world of deists rather than that of theists (whose position requires the suspension of rational and scientific enquiry to be made tenable).




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