In a world where being a non-believer is ever more fashionable (at least in the westernised world anyway) we take a look at 25 countries that supposedly have the greatest percentage of Atheists. It is interesting to note the main religious following within each country which is mostly Christianity in the countries with high levels of Atheism. You will also notice how there isn’t a single traditionally Islamic country in our list. Geographically, Europe takes the brunt of most of the list racking up 19 of the 25 positions on the list.

All of the statistics come from the following site: The stats were took in 2005 therefore it is correct to say that certain numbers may have changed and in terms of numbers of Atheists may have increased.

The percentage used corresponds to amount of people in the nation that are either Atheist, Agnostic or Non-believers but for the purpose of the article I am just using the phrase 'Atheist'.

By AxelO Jul 24, 2011 Edited Jul 27, 2011

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"In a world where being a non-believer is ever more fashionable "- See more at:

Don't think I agree with that statement at all.

Thanks for the link Ethan - going to it now.

I think it is interesting to note that just in the top ten, 4 of these countries' flags are basically just crosses. 1. Sweden, 3. Denmark, 4. Norway, and 7. Finland are essentially the same flag, only the colors are different. 23. Switzerland is either a cross or just a plus sign, a strange and noncommittal design that makes me think that Switzerland must really just be full of agnostics. :)




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