I found the below information on a Facebook site and want to share such.

(On a different note... if any of your Conservative friends are complaining about the Coca-Cola Superbowl commercial song 'American The Beautiful' being sung in various languages & also showing two a gay man couple with their daughter:)...tell them the song was written by lesbian Katherine Lee Bates)


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Very nice, and some quotes there I hadn't seen before.  Another one for my bookmark collection, for sure!

Good collection. Theists are so confident that all of the founding fathers and others of their time were christian that a well known talk show host has written a book with these claims. The book remains unpublished because its claims cannot be documented. Chrisitans go to a lot of trouble for nothing, and you cannot change their minds.

I'm sure the book could be published by a Christian publisher, though. Which talk show host is it, Bill O'Reilly?





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