3500 get married at once in Korea... "The Church has been accused of brainwashing its followers and embezzlement."

my oh my.. is it the free poontang?! strange days for those folks I'm sure...
is Korea that harsh .. well, S.Korea.. so harsh that nobody has a life w/o getting married?~ hrmmmm

I'd goto wikipedia but I'm too busy ...


"I was pretty nervous," Jin Davidson, a 21-year-old American, told the AFP news agency. "Then all of a sudden she popped up in front of me, and I said OK."

Mr Davidson, whose parents were paired off by Mr Moon, said he struggled to communicate with his Japanese bride, Kotona Shimizu, 21.

"I speak no Japanese at all, and she only speaks a little English, but we see it as an exciting challenge and proof of our faith," he added.

The mass weddings began in the early 1960s and over the years g

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If you don't speak the same language, it might be harder to argue. 

As for having a church leader do all of the thinking and decision making, maybe that's a way to a happy life?

Not for me.  

it's the population issue that i scratch my head over.. it's all tax free money kick backs .. not just 'dumb' folks...


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