3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse: Ancient prophets predicted Obama would fly gay pride flag in Tel Aviv

My favorite 3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse.    The ancient prophets, especially Daniel and the author of Revelations, predicted current events.  Which will ultimately lead to Israel being ruled by the Prince of Persia.

I always liked Daniel.  Not sure why.  Maybe because he was one of the few vegetarian prophets.

Now I need to find out what Cindy Jacobs has been up to. Oh, here. Not so interesting. God is going to expose corruption in Maryland.  Since when did Maryland not have corruption?  Still, she gets pretty animated.  Unlike the always calm 3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse.

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I don't think this turd eagle is talking in any way about "Buy bull prophesy." Nothing he says has to do with Israel, Obama, gays, his holy book, or any so called "end times." In fact, he seems to worry about sodomy, and he talks of "fleeing into the mountains." Maybe he should do that before somebody sodomizes him!

I think he's safe from being sodomized or even gomorrahitized any time soon.

"gomorrahitized"    LOL

People have some idea about what is sodomy. But no obe talks about gamorrahy. Must be something everyone does and they dont want to give it up.

I can't remember, does the bible speak about being Shanghaied?  

Disgusting! The idiot has got an interesting set of maps of Palestine in the background: with only the outer borders. No place for the Palestinians and no place for human rights.

3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse, 4th Buzzard of the Bat Shit Loonies, 8th Hemorrhoid of the Ignorant Tight Ass Club, or 36th Slime Slug of the Salt Caves. A rose by any other name.

Hes about as crazy as its possible to be. He puts a face on the unspoken thoughts of many others. i hope they dont vote.




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