40 Examples of Christian Privilege (great pdf do share)

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I would add one more, after #40.

"40. I can openly display my religious symbol(s) on my person or property without fear of
disapproval, violence, and/or vandalism."

41. I can criminally vandalize and destroy other persons' symbols that deny my religion, on their property, without fear of reprisal or consequences.

 42. My religion trumps the separation clause of my country's constitution. 

43. My religion works diligently through state and federal lawmakers to allow only people of my religion to hold public office thereby denying other religions and nonbelievers to hold those positions.  

44. My religion allows me to impose my beliefs on anyone anytime and I can use any means I feel necessary.


My religion allows me to impose religion and  junk science i.e. Creationism and Intelligent Design in public schools (Tennessee for example)




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