1. He's a nerd

2. He's overweight (!)

3. He wants "regular" sex

4. He's got an "average" job

5. He's messy


In other words, fat, nerdy slobs with boring jobs and boring sexual habits are HOT!!!


Well, I hit 4 out of five right on the mark! Ahhh... no further comment. :-)

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Holy fucking hell.

If by good partner the author means less likely to cheat on you because he's a desperate, low-testosterone chump.... then yes.
So you are saying that you are hot? Interesting opinion piece.

Lol! Yeah I guess that's what I'm saying! If by hot we mean intellectually and emotionally attractive. I can't speak to physical attractiveness (well I can, but I won't). :-D

Beyond the whimsy, there's some sense to this.  People who fit these descriptors are risk-averse, tolerant of unsatisfying situations, patient without being pedantic, unambitious and aloof.  A person with such traits is likely to put up with a demanding or unpleasant mate without destroying the relationship.  He (let's assume that this applies to men) would have difficulty meeting other women, and in recognition of this, probably would not even try.  Being risk averse, he is unlikely to gamble, to indulge in foolish behavior such as drunk driving, or to make stupid financial investments.  But being a nerd, he is relatively adept at practical things such fixing the car. 

The problem is that the same trends that make a good husband, make it unlikely that the guy in question would be good dating material.  He is unlikely to come forward to attract women's attention, and would likely be ignored even if he makes the attempt.

Ladies, have you ever heard of "go ugly early"?

Yeah Micheal, good points. I seem to be particularly adept at putting up with "difficult" mates. 



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