5 Countries That Do It Better: How Sexual Prudery Makes America a Less Healthy and Happy Place

Please enjoy the following article - and please support alternet.org.  We need to support alternative media since we can't trust corporate-owned media, and alternet is one of the most atheist-friendly alternative media outlets out there.  They also put out information that's not only from a populist perspective but also, how should I put it, legit ... not sponsored by the oil cartel or big pharma who own corporate media and buy all their ads.


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Hiram thanks for posting that link.  It's frustrating that US press gives voice to religious bigots who promote false information about their sexual mores, while not giving perspective with real data.  Our shallow and biased press is shameful.  The religious influence is close to the "big lie" concept, unuestioned by most Americans.   That less religious places have social outcomes that the religious should envy, and the religious states of the US have the highest teen birth rates, shows how screwed up the christian politicians and christianist leaders are.  We should have comprehensive sex education, readily available birth control, and open conversations about sexuality for the people who need it most - our young people who are reaching adulthood with raging hormones.

Though sexual prudery is dominant on the religious right, there are pockets of it on the left too, especially some styles of feminism. Just try advocating legalization of (consensual) sex trade and see where some of the noise comes from.

Ironically, at the nude swim pool where my wife and I are members, there are a number of evangelicals. go figure.




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