5 reasons why "the American Right" is our version of the Taliban

1. God is on their side

2. They are the "moral" majority

3. Education is bad

4. Guns are good

5. Pickup trucks

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Wait... What's wrong with #5 ?
Now that you've exposed yourself, please leave this site and go back to the church you belong to, you theistic mole!
What about elcaminos?
They are lukewarm and will thus be spat out :)
Hey, I only pray to His Noodliness, and He's respectful of my absolute disbelief in his ability to do anything more than supply nutrients to my body when I consume his Earthly incarnation on Holy Friday (every Friday) with grog.

I have as much right to be here as any Teapotist or IPUist!

And FTR, I don't have a pick-up truck. I have a minivan. (that's right I'm secure in my masculinity). I just don't see what's wrong with trucks, that's all. Maybe I'm a bit of a pick-up truck appologist...
Well, they're correct about one of the 5. That'd be #4! Well, actually, guns are neither good nor bad, they are inanimate object, tools if you will. Like a lot of things (the I-net for example) they can be used for good in the hands of good people or for bad in the hands of bad folk. There's maybe a dozen and a half in my gun safe and none of them, in my hands at least, have been used in an evil manner. As a matter of fact I've never seen a one of them just jump up by itself and fire off a shot! BTW, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt about #5 as well!
Now, I'm not saying 4 or 5 are necessarily bad things, but they are COMMON things between the NeoCons and the Taliban.
Hey, I like pickup trucks. :gonk: Gimme an old Toyota pickup over a craptastic SUV or car any day.

And I'm also glad for gun rights as a single female. It would be nice to have protection from someone breaking in and realizing a great rape opportunity because I'm home alone.

The problem is that not only are they the "moral" majority, but that both have deemed it their responsibility to make decisions for everyone else. Including what we women are allowed to do with our own bodies.
okay, that is 2 out of the 5. Where do you stand on the other 3 (1, 2 and 3)?
There is no god, their morals are walking hypocrisies, and I highly support education. Which is why I'm a little lady in a doctoral program. >.>
Oh gawd, I want to castrate those so badly when I see them. They're practically the epitome of tacky.
Well, if the driver feels inadequate, at least his truck doesn't have to...




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